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Working from Home? Here are 3 Ways CBD Helped me Stay Productive and Survive the Lockdown

A sizable portion of the workforce goes to work each day remotely. If you're one among these workers, you probably struggle each day to stay focused and productive in the face of the distractions of home all around you. Coffee may be your usual go-to to help you stay alert, but you should know that alternatives exist -- such as CBD (cannabidiol).

In general, CBD is commonly accepted as an anti-inflammatory and for its ability to help with pain; it is less well-known that it can be a useful tool to help improve the mental state in many people. While the psychoactive THC substance that is also a part of the cannabis plant is forbidden from workplaces, CBD does not get you high and can potentially come with mental benefits that are an asset.

If you're skeptical about how making CBD a part of your daily wellness routine could make you more productive, what follows are research-backed ideas that show you how this substance may potentially contribute.

"One of the biggest deciding factors of launching Mama's Garden was the benefits I experienced from taking our CBD gummies after being introduced to CBD by providing creative services for several of our clients." — J. Miller, Mama's Garden Founder

If you suffer from low motivation, CBD may help

If you find yourself battling low levels of motivation working from home by yourself, motivational dysfunction (not to be confused with the prank disease known as motivational deficiency disorder) may explain the problems you face. Recent research ( has established that CBD may help stimulate the body's 5-HT1A receptors. If your workdays are a blur of endless Zoom meetings and monotonous responsibilities, you may find that CBD makes work interesting again.

CBD may be of use if you'd like a cognitive boost

There is some research ( to suggest that regular use of CBD offers neurological benefits. These can include the toning of neural pathways to help cognition. CBD has also been found in some cases to provide nootropic benefits (cognitive enhancement effects). It may help boost memory function and creative thinking. If you've been feeling somewhat slow working from home, making CBD a part of your daily routine may be a way to help speed up your mind.

CBD can help lower stress

The human body produces endocannabinoids -- its native cannabinoids -- that help regulate different physical functions, including ones in the brain that bind to receptors responsible for serotonin production, the brain's mood elevator, and stress regulator. Regular use of CBD may help lower the stress that you feel working in close quarters with others at home for long hours at a stretch.

Using the tools available to you to improve your mental health and your cognitive abilities should be a priority at any time. However, when you have none of the stimulation of a typical work environment available to you, experimenting with CBD may be just the right idea.

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