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Organic Hemp

How is Organic Hemp Used?


Organic Hemp often carries the title of organic in order to attract the attention of consumers. Many customers are encouraged to buy a product because it has the word organic associated with it. Oftentimes, buyers think that organic hemp is more authentic than hemp that is not organic. The only way hemp can carry the organic label is if it has been certified by the USDA. The process for certification is full of fees and tests. The farm growing the hemp must use practices that have been certified as part of the organic process. This includes organic soil and farming methods, which can be a three year transition from traditional farming methods.

A USDA agent that is authorized in the ability to certify something as organic must review the farm’s plan and documentation to be organic. The agent must inspect the farm to ensure the guidelines are followed. Once the farm is approved, it receives a certification proving they are organic. The result of all of this is the hemp should be safer and cleaner.

There are a large number of hemp products that can be made from organic or non-organic hemp. These types of products include drinks and food, such as hemp seed or hemp seed oil. There are many clothing products that are hemp products, including shirts, jackets, and hats. There are lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and cream made with hemp. There are products such as oils that can be given to pets and humans.

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